"Cornerstone Valley Inc. elevates residential services to people with developmental disabilities to ensure their best opportunity to be as independent, healthy, happy and as safe as possible."

Melissa Willey

State Case Manager


Daily Living

We partner with our individuals to identify needs and goals. This often includes physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental support.


Practical support includes medication 

administration, household cleaning, food 

preparation, transportation, hygiene, entertainment and leisure. 

Our individuals enjoy choosing and designing their own living space, input in the household menu, daily schedule and leisure activities.

Behavior Support

Our Behavior Specialist team provides support to challenging physical/emotional behaviors and are available to assist in crisis situations. 


We start with a compassion perspective and a simplified process. Direct care staff provide essential input for plans and are empowered in their role to prevent and handle challenging behaviors. 


Our Behavior Specialists work with the team and staff to understand the individual and the meaning behind their challenging behavior. Proactive support techniques provide and teach coping skills to decrease challenging behaviors. 

Life Skills

Some personal goals that we assist with include: hygiene, finances, health services, 

personal safety, self advocacy, relationships, transportation, dietary education, and home maintenance. Our support also includes entertainment and leisure activities based on personality and individual interests.

We strongly value and encourage the individuals in our care to engage in school, work, or volunteerism. This is a great avenue for community involvement and to develop autonomy and self-worth.

Cornerstone Valley believes in Community. We encourage our individuals' relationships with family, friends and community members and work to help them foster meaningful 

relationships. We enjoy partnering with other organizations that help grant opportunities for our individuals; such as our local University, WOU.

"To provide individuals with a foundation of support so they may thrive."